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Uninformed search does not have any domain knowledge. Here we are going to learn about some uniformed search strategies. Before getting into this take a review on problem solving as search, state spaces, graph searching and generic searching algorithms.

We have previously learnt about the general definitions of problem solving as search and state space

In general ,problem solving as a state space can be defined as mathematical form of finding a path from start node to a goal node in the directed path.


A graph,  G  has  two sets , set  V of vertices and a set E of edges. Vertex set is the collection of letters or numbers.

•  The set of edges consists of  doubleton subsets of V. That is E is the subset of {a, b} such that a, b belongs to V  and a≠ b.

•  We denote the graph by G(V,E).

        If G (V,E) is a graph and {a, b} belongs to E ; Then we say vertices a and b are adjacent and the edge {a, b} Joins them or connects them or is incident on them .We call a and b the endpoints of the edge .

•   Two edges such as {a, b} and { b, c} shares same vertex  with a≠ c, are adjacent to each other.

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