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Google People Also Ask showing ask a follow up feature (Bard AI)

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Google recently released Gemini AI which has a next generation capabilities understanding text, images, audio and more and now google bought Gemini AI Pro to Bard and brings more experience with Gemini AI pro in bard and unlocks new features with Bard AI In Google search and new ways to create, brainstorm, Plan and do much more and ask a follow up in Google search itself which is bard AI conversation model which helps to discover and do more things with google bard chatbot.

Google Search with New Search Generative Ai features bringing users what they want to next level by introducing bard Ai in Google search and you can do more things with Bard AI like ask a follow up and have a conversation with bard ai which helps you to do many things what you want like recipes, places you want to visit, coding and many more with Bard AI.

Continue the Conversation in Google Search

Google now showing continue the conversation box and ask follow up question with your search in Google.

Ask a Follow Up Feature in Google Search

Now, it seems like Google bought Ask a follow up feature into Google Search under the People Also ask section and many users are seeing this feature new and it is not that often seen by many users in SERP.

When you click on Ask a followup feature and ask followup question it will generate your response from Bard AI into Google Search and give you Google Search Generative AI experience and it will not take you to bard google chatbot but you stay in Google search itself.

This can be one of the useful features for google users, if they want to use or ask a followup feature and get Bard AI Response here, if they want.

Most of the time google experiments things and changes google search and bard ai chat conversation or SGE (search Generative AI) is an experimental feature, then we can expect to see a lot of changes in google search with new AI features.

Ask Follow Up in Search Generative AI

When you search  something on Google, google will generate response with Google bard a (SGE) and it will generate response and show you and now with new changes made to google search, you will see Ask a follow up field or button after generative AI response in Google search and you can click on it and ask follow up response from your query and get most out of Google AI.

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