LIST List is an ordered sequence of items. It is one of the most used data type in python and is very flexible. All the items in list do not need to be of same type. List is one of 4 built-in data types in Python used for collection ofRead More →

We can able to convert from one numeric form to other numeric form. The following are the different conversions Integer to float conversion Float to integer conversion Integer to complex Complex to integer Integer to float conversion Example a=5 b= float(a) print(b) output: 5.0 Float to integer conversion example a=5.5Read More →

• Data type specifies the type of data present inside a variable.• Every value has a data type• In python it is not required to specify the data type explicitly.• Based on the value, the type will be assigned automatically.• Python is dynamically typed language. Python contains the following dataRead More →

Identifiers in python A name in python program is called identifier. It can be a class name or function name or variable name Rules to define identifier Identifiers  include alphabets symbols(either lower case or upper case) Identifiers include  digits(0 to 9) Identifiers include underscore (_)symbol. Identifiers should be case sensitive.Read More →

Comments are very important  in  writing a program. Python interpreter  ignores comment. In python , commenting  is indicated by ‘#’ ,It is extended till the end of the physical line. Though’ #’ indicates a comment , but when it is written along with string is not considered as a comment.Read More →

In python there are some reserved words called as keywords, These keywords are used for writing syntax and for some special purposes these are used for that particular purposes only.  and are not allowed to use as variable name ,identifier and function names. One thing to note is that theseRead More →

Installation of PyCharm IDE Navigate to official Pycharm website\Downloads\latest and download Pycharm .  Run the exe file to Install PyCharm  and you can also install PyCharm on windows manually by configuring PyCharm location on your c drive or change location of PyCharm . You can effortlessly configure PyCharm on windowsRead More →

How to install python Open the official website of python  i.e., Go to downloads Download the latest version of python depending on your OS. Install the downloaded file.  Downloading Python for Mac OS Open the official website of Python and click on the type of OS and downloadRead More →