Implement MedicalWebPages for Medical and Health Care Websites

How to Implement MedicalWebPages for Medical and Health Care Websites

In schema markup there are many schema markups types available at present there are 792 types of schema markups are available and they will be increasing and schema org – which arranges your hierarchy of your website in a format which contains item types and item properties and item list and many schema item properties which helps developer or webmaster to arrange the page in a right and correct manner and embed structured data on their web pages with correct item property and used by search engines when crawling the page and understand your webpage better in easy way and make google understand about your page better and what is your page about and what information your are providing by implementing structured data or schema org on your website or web pages.

Implement MedicalWebPages for Medical and Health Care Websites

Structure data helps google to access your content better and without structure data also google can access your website content and when you add structured data on website, it will be eligible to appear in rich results in Google (but Google will Not support medicalWebPage Schema – check list of supported structured data supported by Google here) and the main use of structure data on your website is for rich results only from Google point of view and google supports only few set of structured data only and not all schema org structured data types are supported by google and what it means is, it helps your webpage in standardized format for providing information about a page by classifying the page content and to tell google about the detailed information of your page and more information regarding schema org medical and healthcare can be found on official schema org docs but MedicalWebPage Structure Data is Not a ranking factor and adding medicalwebpage schema will not help in crawling as well as google can detect, crawl, and analyse your content without structure data as well with normal supported structure data.

There are many schema markups and types available and when you are trying to implement for health care and medical websites and MedicalWebPage for health and medical types and subtypes it is very useful for content publishers to organize health and medical content on their webpages by implementing health and medical schema depending up on the content and treatment and diagnosis and information they are offering by their medical experts and doctors and the content that you are offering and you need to make sure that you are not implementing in the wrong way and not choosing the wrong schema type for your medical and health care website schema or structure data this can be sometimes tricky as this is not supported or gives you an advantage but it helps search engines to understand your web page better and easily and in organized manner.

Health Care and Medical Schema helps publishers to mark up the implicit structure in the medical information they publish.

structure - Implement MedicalWebPages for Medical and Health Care Websites

Schema org For Healthcare and Medical 

For Medical and Health care publishers schema org provides and helps then to annotate different entities with different codes which refers to the already existing medical vocabularies like RxNorm, SNOMED, MeSH, ICD, UMLS etc and also for the scholarly articles of medical domain with different set of properties.

Also do note that – The schema is targeted for the use of web use only and not for clinical markup or clinical data exchange.

Healthcare and Medical Schema Types

Below are the medical and health care schema types available


Medical condition of the human body which affects the normal functioning condition and more information about a specific medical condition, Anatomy, its diagnosis, treatment, ).


A scholarly article for a medical domain or a page with a record, abstract, or full text of a medical scholarly publication.


Drug usage, dose, chemical or biological substance and information about a medical drug.


Recommendations made by standard society and how to treat and diagnose a medical condition and more information regarding a medical guideline.


Which provides Medical information regarding medical topics or with a single-topic web page about a health or medical topic.

Implement MedicalWebPage

Using the property of MedicalWebPage which allows content to be tagged with the aspects of medical practice being described on the page (diagnosis, treatment, etc).

You can implement MedicalWebPage on your Medical and Health Care website using Microdata and RDFa embedded in html, JSON-LD HTML Script Tags instead of having no markup on your medical and health care websites.

Microdata - Implement MedicalWebPages for Medical and Health Care Websites

Example of MedicalWebPages implementation

There are many Properties for MedicalWebPages Available on Schema org website 

Health and Medical types model and Entities









Signs and symptoms

Studies and trials

Risk factors 

Therapies (including drugs and procedures)


By using the above entities medical and health type models allows authors or webmasters and even developers markup their pages using the core entities and relationship with their appropriate entities which makes the content easier to find and using  property of MedicalWebPage which allows content to be tagged with the aspects of medical practice being described on the page (diagnosis, treatment, etc).

Does Medical WebPage Schema is Used by Google

No! Medical Webpage Schema is not used by Google nor its a ranking factor or any other structured data is used to generate rich results and for a list of supported schema types used by google – you can check the complete supported structure data schema org and Google will not support all scheme org properties which are available on schema org website. 

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