Introduction, uses and features of Python programming

What is python programming?

  • Python is a high level dynamically typed and interpreted object oriented high level programming language
  • Though there are many programming languages  in the market like C, C++,  java, java script python has its own popularity.
  • Though python came into light before java but it has not acquired the identification that it has today.  Python was developed by Guido Van Rossum and released in 1991.
  •   But for beginners of programming the programming language must be easier to understand python is such easiest language to learn..
  •  With the development of machine learning, Python has grasped more attention for  researchers as it is the easiest language for programming.

Use of python Programming?

  • Python  programming is used to create web applications.
  • Python programming is used to create workflows.
  • Python programming  is used for production ready software development and  rapid prototyping.
  • Python programming is capable of handling big data and also performs complex mathematical computations.
  • With the python programming one can connect to database systems.
  • Python can also be capable of reading and modifying the files.

Features of python:

Easy to use:

Python is easy to use and learn .It has simple structure, understandable syntax and developer friendly.

Multi-platform language:

Python can run on any platform such as Linux, windows, Unix etc.,

Open source software:

Python is an open source software available to everyone.

GUI programming:

Python is used for developing GUI(Graphical User Interface) applications.


This means that low level languages like C, C++, can be used to compile the code.


Python can be easily integrated with other languages like C, C++ Java.

Wide Frameworks and Libraries:

Python has wide range of libraries and frameworks for application developments.

Object oriented:

Python is an Object Oriented Programming language with classes and object concepts.