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Create QR Code for Pages & Post using Plugin in WordPress

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On your wordpress website if you want to generate qr code for pages and posts and want to use qr code functionality to your wordpress posts and also for pages or it can be your shopping cart website or it can be any pages then you can use qr code for wordpress by installing qr code wordpress plugins and use qr codes on wordpress websites. So, lets see in detail below.

You can display and create QR code on wordpress pages and post using variety of plugins available on market like Kaya QR Code wordpress plugin, QR Code Generator, WP Qr code generator and many other plugins in wordpress makes it easy to display or create qr codes on wordpress pages and posts.

But sometimes, you may want to generate qr code dynamically displaying it on shopping code and you can use UPI QR code and shopping cart qr code generators available on wordpress plugins for free and paid versions.

Create QR Code for Pages & Post using Plugin in WordPress

Follow below methods and generate QR code on your wordpress posts and pages or shopping cart and send users to the page or post that you want using QR Code.

Step 1: Login to your admin dashboard

Step 2: Go to Plugins section and Click on Add New Plugin

Step 3: In plugin search bar search for  – shortcode ultimate and hit enter

Step 4: Now, click on install and wait for shortcode ultimate plugin to install on your wordpress website.

Step 5: Now, Activate Shortcode ultimate plugin on wordpress website.

Step 6: Now, Click on Add New Pages or posts on your wordpress and click on Plus icon (block code) and click on shortcode.

Step 7: Now, you will get a new shortcode block and then click on the brackets icon option – which is shortcode ultimate plugin.

Step 8: Select QR code option from the list of shortcode items here and click on QR code option – you can also use search box and search for qr code here and click on it.

Step 9: QR code shortcode settings will pop up and you need to fill data here (by default it will populate all data that you want to need almost.

Step 10: In the Data field enter the url for the QR code where the user wants to go after scanning the QR code.

Note: You can use variables here by clicking on %current_URL%  and Permalink option here and display QR code accordingly.

Step 11: In Title field – enter title of the QR code here

Step 12: Enter size of the QR code and use slider here and select size of the QR code and select Margin and Design QR code, Align, change color of QR code.

Step 13: Enter link in link field and this will display for user in front end and link will be clickable.

Step 14: Select the link to open in a new window or same window by selecting link target options.

Step 15: Once you change and enter all fields of QR code then mention all data fields to Generate QR code then click on Insert Shortcode option and it insert QR code shortcut.

Once you create QR code using shortcode ultimate then go ahead and visit front end of the page and you will see QR code and once you scan qr code then it will go to the destination link that you have created.

That’s it, this is how you create QR code on wordpress website posts and pages and then display it in the front end using shortcode.

Can i Modify Shortoce QR Code Code on WordPress Website?

Yes! If you have created qr code using shortcode ultimate plugin then you will be able to change qr code url by going to qr code shortcode inserted page and change the data url here and save and insert qr code shortcode.

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