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How Do I Add Google Search Console Verification HTML Tag in WordPress?

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If you are on wordpress website and wondering how to keep search console html verification html file and verify google search console then its pretty and easy and all you have to do is grab the html verification meta tag from google search console and update search console meta tag verification in wordpress inside head tag.

Google search console verification html file tag is pretty simple and its pretty easy and once you verify your website ownership on search console then you need to do is grab html eta tag and then place the html meta tag on your wordpress website and verify search console with your website using search console html tag.

There are several ways you can consider verifying search console with your wordpress website like search console file upload, html meta tab, google analytics tracking code, Google tag manager, Domain name provider, DNS, blogger sites.

Add Google Search Console Verification HTML Tag in WordPress

To add google search console verification tag you will need to have full access to the search console and then add your version of your property and get html meta tag verification.

USE HTML Meta Tag for Search Console Verification

Step 1: Open the search console and login with your details.

Step 2: Click on Top left side under google search console logo and click on Add Property

Step 3: Enter your website url prefix here and Click on Continue.

Step 4: Expand Drop down HTML Tag Verification here and copy html meta tag to your local computer.

Step 5: Login to your wordpress website ftp or cpanel

Step 6: Navigate to folder -> wp-content / themes / header .php file and open it

Step 7: Copy and paste the search console verification html tag in head tag and save file.

Step 8: Refresh your website on chrome browser and then go to the search console and click on verify.

Step 9: Once google detects search console html tag on your website then google search console will verify your website using html meta tag.

That’s it, this is how you verify search console using html meta tag verification on your wordpress website.

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Where to keep Search Console Verification HTML Tag on WordPress Website

You need to go to wp-content – theme folder and then open the header file of your wordpress website where all meta tags are placed inside head tag and simply copy and paste html meta tag of search console in head section and verify search console after updating html meta tag.

WordPress Not Detecting Search Console HTML tag Verification Method

If search console is not detecting or not reading html tag on your WordPress website then make sure that you have placed html tag correctly and if you are using any cache plugins on WordPress website then you need to clear cache of WordPress website and dont block google bot.

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