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Introduction to cellular concept

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Cellular Concept:

  • Cellular concept deals with reduction of service area by employing high power transmitters that offer high capacity in a limited spectrum allocation.
  • In a geographic region, each base station is assigned with different group of channels from the total number of channels available to the entire system.
  • This distribution cochannels reduce the interference between the base stations and mobile users under their control.
  • The channels can be reused until the interference between cochannel stations is at acceptable level.
  • The number of base stations increase with increase in demand for service, hence, providing additional radio capacity within the radio spectrum.
  • Cellular concept is responsible for manufacturing every piece of user equipment of large area such that any mobile can be accessed within the range.

Advantages of cellular system:

  • Problem of spectral congestion  is solved by cellular system.
  • It offers high capacity with limited spectrum.
  • This high capacity is achieved by limiting the coverage area of each base station to a small geographic area termed as cell.
  • In cellular system each high power transmitter is replaced with several low power transmitters.
  • Each base station is allocated a  portion of channels and nearby cells are allocated completely different channels.
  • All available channels are allocated to small number of  base stations.
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