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Evaluating Search Strategies

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We have many searching techniques  that we have discussed as uninformed but to evaluate such search strategies we talk  about the following four


Completeness is a guarantee of  finding a solution whenever  one  exists.This means that if a solution exists andif you are searching technique can find that solution and the technique is said to be complete.

Time Complexity

Time complexity is how long does it take to find a solution and this is usually measured  in terms of the number of nodes that the searching technique expands.

Space Complexity

Space complexity  is the measurement of the maximum size of the nodes list during the search .


 Optimality states, If a solution is found, is it guaranteed to be an optimal one? this means  is it the one with minimum cost?

Important parameters to be considered before evolving search technique

1.Maximum number of successors of any state of the search tree.i.e., the branch factor  b of the search tree.

2.Minimal length of the path in the state space between the initial and a goal state.

3.Depth d of the shallowest goal node in the search tree.

4.Maximum depth m of the state space.

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