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Example For Problem AS State Space & Description Of A Problem

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Playing Chess

  1. Initial state as an 8*8 array. 2 legal moves as set of rules; each rule consisting of two parts.
  2. A left side serves as pattern that has to be matched.
  3. A right side that describes the change to reflect the move.
  4. Destination state as any board position where opponent does not have a legal move. Therefore its a win. When we start playing chess by starting at an initial state using a set of rules to move from one state to another we end up in one of the set of final states. This state space representation seems natural for games such as chess, 8 puzzle because of the state problems with the use of more complex structures than a matrix. Here for a 8 puzzle game we used 33 matrix and for chess a 8*8 matrix comes into mind immediately. This kind of state space representation also used for other similar problems with less structures. But in case of small structures to use state space representation for this type of structures we require more complex structures than a matrix.

Description Of a Problem

General description of problem involve the following.

1) State space

2) Initial states

3) Destination or final state 4. operator

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