10 Common Reasons Why Page Indexed in Google but not Ranking?

10 Common Reasons Why Page Indexed in Google but not Ranking?

  • These are the 11 most common reasons why pages are indexed in Google but Not ranking for keywords and common mistakes.
  • Check with Spam Policies of Google and make your page load faster, don’t spam, rewritten content, not having satisfactory amount of helpful content, less author info or about us page and other reasons mentioned below.

 Indexed but not ranking is common issue these days and if you have made your website live and updating content on your website regularly with unique content and following all google guidelines with good and informative content with unique quality and still your website is not raking in Google or your website page is indexed in Google but you are not getting traffic for your website, then lets see the most common reasons why your website is not getting enough traffic for your website even though page is indexed in Google.

First thing you need to know is Indexing and Ranking both are different and all indexed pages will not rank as expected and all pages you have on your website will not index as well. Website Quality and plenty of ranking factors come into play when it comes to indexing.

Common Reasons Why Page indexed in Google But Not Ranking

Despite all efforts you keep on your website and your hard work is not getting enough traffic or estimated traffic or sometimes very less traffic as well. Well if your content is good and helpful to users then google will index the page for sure.

Top Competitive Keywords

If you are writing content for top competitive keywords there is very less chance for you to get into top ranking and you need to always choose less competitive keywords to rank in google.

You are Not Provide Rich Information or Helpful Information

If you are providing rich information and helpful information and not writing for search engines then your content will index automatically and there is no need to manually request index url in search console as well, Google will automatically index rich information or information which is helpful to users and it depends on plenty of ranking factors and you need to focus on content.

So, you need to provide rich information and content which is helpful to users and its pretty easy to tell, check your heading and make sure that your title is having satisfactory amount of solution or information regarding the title and sometimes the information your provide will not be enough and you need to provide more information organizing your title heading accordingly.

Author Info

Google check for expertise and author info that this article is written by expert or it is just a research article and you need to provide more author info like author bio, degree and his expertise with links pointing to them and you need to have a author bio page telling Google that the author is an expert.

If you provide good information then google needs to trust your website and author and if you write a good article with rich information regarding the topics you write then you need to name the author and you should not keep written by author or admin or team as author.

Website Trust Issues

If you have everything good in place and your website does not represent who you are and what you are on the us page then google will not trust your website not knowing who you are and you need to provide a good about us page.

Write For Users Not For Search Engines

This is a very common situation every website experiences, sometimes without knowingly the information which you have on your website may go off board while preparing heading tags and titles and sub heading etc and in this situation your title doesn’t match the content.

So, Make sure you use titles and information that you offer or presentation of the page should provide valuable information for users and write content for Normal users and you should always write information for Users Not for search engines.

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If you are having enough good information and your website article is answering google user what he is looking for in Google search and still your website article contains too many affiliate or sponsored or buy now, offer or amazon, or any other affiliate links and you are not telling google what relationship you have with these links and these links can dominate rich information or helpful information that you are providing and outrank your article which may lead to the issue of page indexed but not ranking in Google search issue.

Initially the page may rank well and perform good as well, but at some point when Google rolls the algorithm then this will give you a good hit and cause a massive drop in Google SERP.

Too Many ADS

If you are having too many ads on your website page and your content is unique and your content is helpful to users but if you are having too many ads on your page this can lead to issue like page indexed in Google but not ranking issue and you need to provide less ads and less ads are always good and providing too many ads will lead to mislead user while reading your content by clicking on AD links.

Too Many ads on page doesn’t provide you much revenue as well if you are confused regarding getting less revenue for less ads kind of scenario.

Slow Loading Page

If your website is loading slow and its taking forever for users to wait or its taking more than estimated time like 3 seconds and you need to measure page speed of your website and follow recommendations and make your website faster. 

Google Doesn’t want to show slow loading pages to users and you need to make your website load in 1 to 2 seconds and you need to check with core web vitals in search console and load lcp, fcp, cls and you need to make sure your website loads faster satisfying lcp, fcp, cls.

Server Issues

If your website is having server related issues like your website is throwing 5xx level errors like server connection timeout or page cant be reached or any other server related error then google will back of while crawling assuming the further crawling may even slow your website which leads to 5xx server level errors then google will stop crawling and limit its crawl rate as well and if you want you can limit crawl rate in google search console if you think google bot is slowing down your website.

Google will not show a website that will return a 5xx level error page to the user which is very bad.

This is pretty tricky issue and very hard to find these kind of issue if you don’t use tools like intodns website or any other dns checker tool available online, though search console does show DNS related issues now in Settings HOST up and down section but if you are expiring dns related issues then you might want to talk to your hosing provider and resolve this issue as this issue occurs at some point and tricky to catch as well as site will show you up and running perfectly but after sometimes site will not work like the same server issues.

Scraping Content or Rewriting Content

Sometimes, you may think that the content which you are writing is unique by simply changing synonyms or rewriting the paragraph which is already published on the Web or by taking reference from other websites. When you take change paragraph and rewrite content from different website then many plagiarism tools will not detect it as duplicate content but google algorithms are pretty much good at finding these kinds of pages which are rewritten by just changing words and synonyms or by just modifying few lines and google pretty much cleared this in spam policies of Google in Scrapped Content Section which is against the guidelines of Google.

Why are My Articles Not Ranking in Google?

If your website is new then it can take sometimes to google to index your website and rank accordingly and if your website is old and suddenly your page got disappeared from 1st page and lost website ranking then you need to check with core updates and review spam policies and comparative questions as well and recovery guide here will help you get back on track.

Also Note that all pages google discovers on your website will not be indexed if google feel that the information is helpful to users then google will rank it for sure and if google doesn’t then it will not and you need to check search essentials here.

How do you optimize an article to rank on Google?

You need to look for what real users are searching and check whether your website page is having satisfying amount of unique and helpful information regarding the topic you are talking about on your website.

Optimizing your page title with accurate title and provide accurate meta description and correct any spelling mistakes, paragraph sentence if it’s not framed correctly and avoid repetitive keywords and the best way to start is by visiting seo starter guide.


Indexed but not ranking

Page indexing in Google does not guarantee that your page will be ranking – it rely up on plenty of ranking factors to make sure your website is loading fast with less ads and your content is helpful to users and doesn’t violate google guidelines.

Page Indexed in Google But Not Ranking

When it comes to Ranking it relies on many ranking algorithms and if you are competing with highly competitive keywords then your website won’t rank higher in Google.

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