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How to Fix Pages Not Indexed Status URL in Google Search Console

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If pages are not indexed in Google then its very frustrating situation for every website owner and seems like everything looks fine on your website but sometimes there may be an issue with Google Systems as well like crawled currently not indexed or Discovered Currently not indexed status urls and these url status means that the issue is not with your website but the issue is with google System.

Now, in Google Index Coverage section Google segregated the issues with your website or with Google systems as a source and if you see issues with your website or with Google Systems.

Fix Pages Not Indexed Status URL in Google Search Console.

There are many reasons why the page is not indexed on google and the report in index coverage section helps you understand better and you need to identify why your pages are missing from Google search first.

Step 1: Login to your Google Search Console 

Step 2: Click on Index Coverage Report on Left side menu


Step 3: Now, you will see Not Indexed and Index Sections here (previously, it was Erros, valid with warning, Indexed, Excluded Section here).


Step 4: Select Not Indexed Pages and Scroll down and you will see section “Why pages are not indexed” Pages that aren’t indexed can’t be served on Google.


Step 5: You will see a list of pages which are not indexed in Google Search along with reason and source, Validation, trend and pages.

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Identify the Reason for Page Not Indexing

Step 1: In Search Console Index Coverage report -> Select Page Not Indexed Section in Search Console.

Step 2: Scroll down and Under Why Pages aren’t Indexed Section you will see a list of reasons why your pages are not indexed.

Step 3: Some of the Main reasons why pages are not indexed reasons would be – Discovered currently Not Indexed or Crawled Currently Not indexed and if you see these 2 errors then there is nothing you can do and the reason is Google System that means – google is not indexing which is not in your hands – which is Google Systems.

Step 4: Identify the reason for not indexing here, like pages with redirect, excluded by no indexed tag,  Not found 404, Soft 404 and many other reasons.

Step 5: if the source is website action here -> then you need to make changes to your website and fix the issue.

Fix page Not Indexed in Google Search Console According to Reason and Source

Fixing issues with pages not indexed on Google search or pages showing not indexed section can be fixed if you identify the correct reason and provide a valid fix to the url in pages not indexed section.

Reason for Page Not Indexing – Excluded By No-Index Tag Source Website

This means your page has noindex meta tag on your page and to fix page not indexed due to excluded noindex tag, you need to remove meta tag noindex from the page.

Note: If you have intentionally Kept noindex tag on the page, then you can simply ignore this error excluded by noindex meta tag.

Page Not Indexed Reason is Page with Redirect and Source is Website

This means the url of the page has a redirect which is 301 redirect which is a permanent redirect to another url and page or url which redirect to another url will not be indexed. For example A has a redirect to B and A page will not be indexed and B Url of the page will be indexed and A will be dropped from Google search at times if it gets indexed.

Page Not Indexed Reason 404 – Source Website

If page is throwing a 404 then 404 pages (not found pages) will not be a part of Google index and these pages will not index and if you want to get rid of 404 pages and fix 404 pages then you need to redirect 404 page to relevant pages with 301 redirect and your issue of pages not indexed reason 404 will be fixed.

Note: Generally, pages with too many 404 pages will not affect your website ranking at all.

Page Not Indexed With Soft 404 – Source is Website 

If a page not indexed Reasons is Soft 404 then google will not index thin content pages and google is expecting you to provide more information on the page and update the page. Pages with less content will be thrown with soft 404 error. By updating content and providing more information on the pages the soft 404 issue can be resolved.

Page Not Indexed Due to Alternative page with Proper Canonical Tag Website Source

Alternative page with proper canonical tag is just means that your page has an alternative version of the page and there are 2 canonical tags there are two versions of a page on your website having the same canonical URL and google will not index duplicate version and index the new version. 

Page Not Indexed Reason Crawled Currently Not Index – Source Google System

If the page not indexed reason is crawled currently not indexed and source is google system then there is nothing wrong with your website and the Google System are playing a role here.

Page Not Indexed Due to Discovered Currently Not Indexed – Google Systems

This is an issue with Google System and discovered currently not indexed is not an error and this means google discovered your website url but did not crawl it for indexing yet and this is Google Systems and Algorithms comes to play a role depending on website quality and content.

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