Does Adding Reviewed By Schema Markup Help Rank Better in Google Search

Does Adding Reviewed By Schema Markup Help Rank Better in Google Search

  • Adding Reviewed by schema in structured data on a website is not a Ranking factor, you will get beneficial by adding just reviewed by text and say to google that we reviewed – Google doesn’t lookup reviewed by scheme.
  • Reviewed by Schema markup by schema org is not used by Google in any schema markup except product review snippets and It’s a Myth that you add reviewed by scheme gains a ranking factor.

No! Simply adding reviewed by schema does not help any way to rank in Google Search and adding structure data on your website doesn’t give you a ranking boost, its something made up thing and its a seo myth.

If you add structured data which is supported by google – check structured data search gallery for supported schema org used by google, then google will use it and show it in rich results in google search to gain visual experience – snippets.

You need to understand one thing that by adding structured data simply helps google to understand your website content and structured data is just like html markup for webpage like browser rendering html markup and When google bot visits your website, uses structure data for fetching your content present on the website by just search engines like google, bing, yahoo and other search engines crawls and understands your content, That’s it.

Can i expect Ranking Better After Adding Reviewed By Markup?

You should not expect to rank better after adding structured data reviewed by markup on your website and there is no reviewed by markup for article schema, WebPage Schema and there will be only published by, Modified By schema – it helps Google to understand your website and gain EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness). Reviewed by schema is no where used.

Nothing happens, Nor you will get a ranking boost, nor google will consider reviewed by schema markup in structured data to show in rich results (no option to show). 

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Is Structured Data a Ranking Boost?

No! Structured Data is not a Ranking factor nor does your website get a ranking boost after adding structured data.

Even though you are eligible and you have set up everything correctly in structured data then it will not show or you should not expect it to show rich results in Google.

Why Does Google Use Structured Data?

Structured data is used by Google to appear in Google Rich Results and there is no advantage of adding reviewed by Schema on the website and it becomes hacky structured data when you add schema markup which is not used by Google and google may consider it or sees your website content differently.

Google uses structure data to understand content better, when you add structured data then google will be able to show you in Rich Results Snippets in Google Search result and when you add reviewed by schema then there is no such kind of snippet used by google to detect Reviewed by Google to show in rich results.

Why Many Websites Are Adding Structured Data Reviewed By Schema Markup?

If other websites are using reviewed by on their website – then they are not depending on Google search rich results to appear, they are adding it to measure with different tools available only depending up on their business model and with different tools as google will not consider reviewed by scheme and Google will not support all schema org markup mentioned on schema org website only selective schema properties are used by Google to show them in rich results.

For product review websites, you can use product reviewed by and for content related websites like if you are adding it in news articles schema, or Article Schema then there is no advantage in doing that and its incorrect and google may see your website in a different way and rank it differently, nor they get beneficial with any ranking or get an increase in visibility in Google search results.

Are there no proven theories or Success Stories or by Adding Reviewed By Schema for web pages has increased their ranking or gained a ranking boost and that’s true and if you see other websites saying this – then don’t believe them and drop website url in comment section.

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