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Know More About Google 15th March 2023 Algorithm Update

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  • On March 15th 2023 Google Search Algorithm update started rolling out and it takes 2 weeks to completely roll out.
  • Google Algorithm update was completely rolled out on March 29th 2033 and Google March 15th 2023 Algorithm took 14 days 7 hours to completely roll out.
  • In 2023 February 15th Google rolled out Product Review update and it completely rolled out and update was finished on 8th of March 2024.

Google announced and shared March Google Algorithm update new and updated google search ranking update page,  they named this algorithm as March 2023 new Google core update started rolling on 15th march and it usually takes up to 2 weeks to completely rollout march 2023 google algorithm update and on March 29th Google March 15th Algorithm update rollout completed and it took 14 days 7 hours to completly roll out.

15th March 2023 Algorithm Update
image source – Google Searchliaison Twitter

This is Second Google Algorithm ranking update in 2023 and first google algorithm update was product review update which took alight 2 weeks to complete the rollout and there are many websites which have seen lots of ranking drops overnight and few website have seen ranking gains and ranking drops after couple of days as well.

When Was Google March 15th 2023 Algorithm Update Completed

Google March 15th 2023 algorithm update completed on march 29th 2023

On March 29th 2023 Google March 15th 2023 search algorithm update was completely rolled out and it took 14 days 7 hours to roll out Google Search Algorithm completely and google updated its search status dashbord.

Is Your Website Hit By Google March Ranking Algorithm Update?

If you are seeing ranking drops on your website after March 15th 2023, then you need to sit back and relax and wait until google completely rolls out and wait for the update to completely done. When Google rolls it search ranking algorithm updates, you may see a ranking drop on day 1 and after day 3 or day 4 or later days, you will see an increase with your website traffic as well. In ongoing process of Google search ranking update it is common and its too early to decide that your website is hit with March 2023 Search ranking algorithm update.

Ranking Keywords Suddenly Dropped from Page 1 to Page 10 etc?

This is pretty common the ranking keywords lost ranking when google search core update gets rolled out and if you are ranking for featured snippets then you may lost rank as well as the first page spot is not always mandatory for your website to appear always until and unless it meets google search guidelines and authority of website and author and EEAT and YMYL pages always see ranking shifts in ongoing process of google core march algorithm update or after google march ranking update gets completed.

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What to Do if your website is hit with the March 2023 Google Algorithm Update?

Sit Back and grab a coffee and Open search console and compare data from previous days and find the pattern and check which area of your website got affected and check if there is any similar pattern on the pages that are ranking for keywords appearing on first page got disappeared and try to find any technical errors on your website and go to google search essentials – check for spam policies and make sure your website is following all google guidelines.

When to Evaluate Website Traffic Drop Once Google Rolls its Search Ranking Algorithm update?

You need to wait until google completely rolls out the algorithm and then wait for the data to get updated in search console and start comparing data from previous days and then start diagnosing your website and find pattern of ranking drops and make changes if they are needed and always focus on users – instead of focusing on writing for bots and using keywords and all and audit your website and look for keyword drop from google search.

When Was Previous Google Ranking Algorithm in 2023

In 2023 this is the second Google Search ranking algorithm update and the previous algorithm update was rolled on February 2023 which is a product review update and roll out was completed on March 8th of 2023.

Winners and Losers of Google Search March 2023 Algorithm Update

Of Course there are always winners and losers when Google releases a broad core algorithm update and if your website has content which is helpful to users then your website will be rewarded with ranking gains if your website is following google search guidelines. 

If you are seeing website ranking drop overnight after google search march 2023 then you need to improve authority, technical errors and write content which is helpful to users and don’t write for bots.

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