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Google Now Accepting Feedback on Search Quality Issues for Spammy, Low Quality Pages, Keyword Stuffing etc

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Google released a new way to report search quality issues in Google search ranking and Google has a sophisticated algorithms and automatic spam detection to get rid of spam and rank websites who follow google guidelines as mentioned in Search essentials and websites violating these spam guidelines will rank lower or may not appear in search results at all. 

Spammers are everywhere and there is no way to stop them as soon as google detects the spam it throws website from organic search results and penalize them and they come back with new techniques and continuously spam google search by scrapping other reputed websites, with links, thin content, automatically generated content which is not helpful to user and many other techniques. Google algorithms sometimes miss websites as well as web is huge and evolving day by day with new techniques of spamming.

Now, Google Releases search quality issues feedback form and asking users to help find out any spam results appearing in Google search that may be missing to help improve google ranking algorithm and this new search quality issues is more than a form and you can report spam, malicious behavior, low quality, deceptive, paid links and other quality issues as well.

Report Search Quality Issues with Feedback Form

Google made it very simple and easy for users to report websites who are spamming but they are still able to rank in google search by manipulating search engine and google algorithms may miss few things as web is huge and its evolving day by day with new techniques and google making this Report Search Quality Issues with feedback form for users to know what users are thinking what google search is serving on top are high quality pages or not and want to know websites who are spamming but still ranking on first instead of high quality page not ranking on page or low quality page ranking instead of high quality web page etc.

What Can I Report with Search Quality Issues feedback form?

This new search quality issues feedback form includes more options and lets you report for the spammy webpage, quality and others as mentioned below.

  1. Report spam
  2. Paid links
  3. Malicious behavior
  4. Low quality
  5. Scrapped Content
  6. Keyword Stuffing
  7. Thin Affiliate Pages
  8. Hacked Pages
  9. User Generated Spam
  10.  Cloaking and Sneaky redirects
  11.  Hidden Text and Links
  12.  Doorway Pages
  13.  Scam or Fraud
  14.  Misleading Functionality
  15.  Page has low Quality
  16.  Page Contains inorganic links
  17.  And if you are not sure – select Other option and you can check more here for search quality user report here

Can I Submit Bulk URLs in Search Quality Issues Feedback Form?

You can add bulk urls at a time like 20 or 30 but you can add up to 5 urls at a time and select the correct reason for what’s wrong with the page.

Which Options to Choose when Reporting Search Quality Issues Feedback form?

Sometimes, it become a bit tricky to choose what’s wrong with the page and the page which you are reporting via Search Quality Issues Feedback form may be violating all options of the above, in this case you need to chose which is the most important here and resubmit the form multiple times by selecting options as well and if you have any doubts then you can select other option as well here in Search Quality Issues Feedback form and continue selecting other options and submit.

What Happens After Submitting Search Quality Issues Using Feedback form?

Once you submit reporting Search Quality Issues using feedback form you will receive an email confirmation along with the help articles links to external resources and google search console help forum for support and google takes user feedback very seriously.

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