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Google’s Search Generative Experience AI: New Look and Examples

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Google Search Generative Experience AI

Google’s Search Generative Experience AI

Google Search Generative Experience is a new way of experiencing search results when you search for a query in Google search which enhance Google Search and revolutionize how people engage with information and you get results in different layout and colors and different set of look for every query and you can also ask followup with Google Search Generative AI and Google Calls it as SGE (search Generative AI).  

Google’s Search Generative Experience AI: New Look and Examples for when you ask for poems

You can do plenty of things with Search Generative Ai like you can do shopping,, ask for places to visit or any thing you want and get results in unique and supercharging search results with Google Search Generative AI and search for heavy lifting long queries with generative AI, Search can do easily and uncover new viewpoints and insights.

Google’s Search Generative Experience AI Examples

Google Brings Search Generative Experience AI

Google now brings a new UI and Google search results with the new Google Search Generative Experience AI which is announced on Google I/o 2023 and with New Google Search generative results that are rooted in to google search, which givers users a new way to Search with Generative AI and experience search results returning in a new organised way from a single search with different colors along with web results and ad as well with google search generative Experience AI.

Google Search is Evolving day by day and with the new Core Google Algorithm update which makes changes to its core system and generates results with high quality content and servers results to users and this time with the AI Competition from Chat GPT, Bing and Other search engines, Google has to take a step further as Google is Search Engine Giant and it can do more more even better than chat gpt and Bing and other AI models.

In 3 Ways New Google Search Generative AI Can Help

Google announced that they have opened search geneartive ai in search labs and opened early access in us and you can sign up for early access and test search generative ai and as of now, search generative ai can help you in 3 new ways. 

what you can do with sge - Search Generative AI
  1.  SGE (Search Generative Experience)
  2. Code Tips and
  3. Add to Sheets in the U.S

With New Generative AI powered Search experience will help you take some of the work out of searching.

What Users Can Do With Google Search Generative Experience AI

With new google search generative Experience Ai, users will be able to do entirely new things a few of them are listed below. 

1) Ask entirety new type of questions that you have never imagined to ask in Google Search

2) When you ask with Google Search generative Experience AI – you will be able to quickly able to lay off search results with links to relevant results to explore along with other search results.

3) You can also ask follow up for the question or query that you have just asked google and get results and have a conversational mode which helps users a lot.

4) You can also get done more easily by generating creative ideas like and drags in search and many more other results.

Does Search Generative Experience Makes any Difference to Google Search

Yes! It Does and Google is supercharging search results with AI and improving search results with AI and get results more easily and can returns results easily with new view points and new supercharged search results and it will understand topic faster and ask followup with conversation AI which is embedded into Google core search to give users a new rich look and better search results with Search Generative AI.

In 2019 Google came up with  Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) and Google introduced AI with Google Search which made lot of difference in google search it can be AI Language models, like MUM, BERT, RankBrain, Neural Machine and many others and it has pretty much shaken up everyone and google continuously updating their core algorithm as well to make search better.

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