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How to Install Matlab on Windows and Linux?

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Matlab Basic Introduction

Matrix laboratory (MATLAB) is a fourth generation programming language platform developed by math work.  It is an emerging tool used in every field which may include science, engineering, math, physics, visualization etc., it has many in-built commands and functions which help in solving mathematics equations, developing algorithms, plotting 2D and 3D graphs, matrix manipulation. Today, MATLAB engines incorporate the LAPACK and BLAS libraries, embedding the state of the art in software for matrix computation. As of 2020, MATLAB has more than 4 million users worldwide.

Install Matlab on windows and linux

Matlab Installation Process For Windows

Matlab provides licensed version of both professional and student version, were student version provides same specifications and difference when compared with professional version.

  • Models (including the blocks in referenced models) are limited to 1000 nonvirtual blocks.
  • Accelerator and Rapid Accelerator simulation modes are not available in student software.
  • Model blocks can be simulated in Normal mode only.

This section provides step by step information for installing and activation of Matlab for Windows User

Windows User

  • Unzip or extract the information containing MATLAB Runtime installer.
  • Next start the Matlab runtime installer.
  • After the runtime installer, it displays a dialogue box which have some information and click on next for proceeding with the installation.
  • Provide a folder where you want to install Matlab runtime in the folder selection.
  • Confirm your choices and click next.
  • Click Finish to exit the installer.

Matlab Installation Process For Linux

  • Download the Linux installer file and the standard license file to your Downloads.
  • Right click the downloaded is file and choose Open with Disk Image Mounter. If this does not appear, find it under Open with Other Application.
  • Open a Terminal, and cd into the mounted directory
  • Type sudo. /install, then press Enter.
  • Type your system password when prompted, then press Enter.
  • Click Advanced Options (top right) on the installer windows, and select I have a File Installation Key.
  • Accept the license agreement.
  • Open the file from the extracted license file and locate the Installation Key.
  • Copy and paste the Installation Key into the installer field.
  • When prompted to identify the license file, browse to and select license.dat from the extracted license files.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions. Note the path when choosing an installation folder. You will need to navigate to this directory each time you want to launch Matlab, unless you create a symbolic link (shortcut).
  • After installation is complete, launch the application and connect to the server. VPN is required when using the software off-campus.
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