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Why WordPress Too Many Redirects After URL Change

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If you are getting too many redirects error on your WordPress website after changing url then there is an issue with the htaccess redirection file and you need to cross check with the redirections implemented on your website.

Why WordPress Too Many Redirects Error Occurs?

Too many redirect on wordpress or any website occurs due to misconfiguration and if redirects in htaccess are misconfigured or redirects implemented incorrectly then redirect loop occurs and with ssl certificate redirects also cause this too many redirect errors on website.

Why Too Many Redirects Error Occurs

Htaccess file is responsible for redirection errors or to do redirects on website on server side and if htaccess is not implemented correctly then redirections issues occurs and if site url is changed and you have implemented redirections in htaccess incorrectly then you need to implement redirects properly.

Due to cache plugins or cache mechanism implemented on your website then due to cache issue also you can get to see too many redirects error and you need to clear cache of your website and check and try in incognito mode of browser and see.

Due to php code tweak or code not written properly can also lead to too many redirect error occurs.

Fix WordPress Too Many Redirects After URL Change

Follow below simple methods to fix too many redirect errors.

Check Htaccess File

You need to cross check and review your htaccess file of your website and see if there htaccess server side redirect and force www redirections in htaccess code with 301 redirects.

SSL Certificate Redirection Issues

Every website has ssl certificate and all www, non-www, www, http should redirect to one final httpS version of your website and if ssl certificate redirections are not implemented correctly then too many redirection error loop occurs or you will see ssl certificate not secure and other errors as well.

Due to Incorrect htaccess code

If htaccess  www, non-www, redirects code is not written properly then website will end up in redirection loop and you need to write 

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^website\.com RewriteRule .* http://www.%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L] and force www redirection in htaccess file will fix the issue.

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Check PHP Code Rewriting URLS

You can rewrite url with php code and if you are in wordpress and if you are rewriting urls with rewrite function then cross check with the function and make sure its working properly and if you made any new changes then revert back with previous code and choose alternative method or write rewrite code correctly.

Clear Cache of Website

If your website is having a cache mechanism and if you are on cms like wordpress, Joomla, drupal and you are using plugins, then you need to clear cache and try in a private browser and check.

Check Cloudflare CDN Interactions

If you are having cloudflare integration or any other cdn integrated on your website then cloudflare may cause this issue due to cache mechanism and you need to disable cloudflare and clear cache of the website and check with cloudflare settings.

Contact Hosting

If you are unable to fix the issue on your own, then it is suggested to contact your hosting team and ask them to look around what’s causing the issue and the server team will implement proper redirection with correct code in the htaccess file.

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